What is Article Spinning & SpinnerChief

Article Spinning is when you take any article and restructure it so that selected words can be replaced by software. We do this by selecting a word eg "amazing" & placing it in curly brackets with synonyms thus
SpinnerChief is {amazing|spectacular|superb|stunning}
SpinnerChief then makes multiple unique versions from your source

Spinner Chief document spinner

Article Spinning with SpinnerChief made easy!

Spinning explained:

Suppose we have an article comprising just 1 paragraph, in this case actually only single sentence for brevity:

The area around Spain is flat on the plains, however its high in the mountains.

To spin this into multiple different paragraphs we would start by formatting it like this :

The {area|region} {around|surrounding|near} {Spain|the country of Spain} is {flat|level} {on the|within the} {plains|flatlands}, {however|but|yet} its {high|higher than average|elevated} in the {mountains|hills}.

Spinning software then sequentially randomises which synonym it chooses from within the brackets and builds new variation paragraphs thus :

Version 1 : The area around the country of spain is level on the flatlands, but its high in the mountains.

Version 2 : The region near The country of Spain is flat on the flatlands, but its elevated in the hills.

Version 3 : The region surrounding Spain is level within the flatlands, but its elevated in the hills.

This is called SPINNING or ARTICLE SPINNING and the best spinner is SpinnerChief, which incredibly is FREE to download.


Why would I spin articles ?

Well Google loves content but HATES duplicate content. SO why not use similar but unique content and keep both YOU and Google happy.
If you are a student and you want to produce a report, but you are stuck for ideas... simply research an article with SpinnerChief and then spin it once, so that its not a copy of someone else's work ... you even learn the content as you spin as a bonus!



SpinnerChief makes article spinning easy as all the thinking is done by the software:-

STEP 1 : Load a document into SpinnerChief

STEP 2 : Click the "Find Synonyms" button

STEP 3 : Choose from a massive thesaurus the alternate words you think best suit your style

STEP 4 : Spin as many variations as you want


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